2014-2015 Executive Board

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(L-R) Andrew Lim, Cindy Park, Henry Yun, Yuanmei Fan-Cui, Raphael Posadas, Omar Morales, Jerry Hou, Peter Soewardiman, Tabitha Joseph at AMA’s First General Meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 10th, 2014, in Fulton Honors Library.

Co-Presidents: Yuanmei Fan-Cui (Fall), Josh Reed, and Stefan Sandoval (Spring)
Vice President: Raphael Posadas
Treasurer: Henry Yun
Secretary: Andrew Lim
AHANA Outreach Chair: Omar Morales
CSOM Outreach Chair: Peter Soewardiman
Event Chair: Tabitha Joseph
Public Relations Co-Chairs: Kelsey Lima and Cindy Park
Mentor Co-Chairs: Jerry Hou and Rachel Rzeznik